Specific visit

visite spécifique

When construction work is completed, it is unfortunately increasingly common to find that there are problems when the work is handed over or that damage occurs some time after the work has been completed. If this happens to you, we will carry out an inventory of fixtures to assess the quality of workmanship, maintenance or obsolescence of the property. More detailed investigations can be carried out to determine the origin of the disorders observed, such as a search for a leak. We will inform you of the extent of the damage and the nature of the repairs required and how they will be paid for. We will also inform you of any administrative formalities that need to be completed.

At the end of the visit, you will be given a report listing the findings and recommendations. You will also be provided with an estimate of the repair work required.

Good to know! : Disorders can affect any type of construction, both old and new. The most common are cracks, dampness, air and water infiltration, but also so-called aesthetic defects such as tiling, plastering or painting.

Our accomplishments

Leak detection and repair of roof windows following infiltration

Feasibility study for sawing a reinforced concrete wall. Inspection and recommendation on technical feasibility and concrete repair