VEFA / CCMI support

Buying a home off-plan or a new build does not exclude the risk of faulty workmanship and hidden defects  VEFA/CCMI assistance is essential to avoid acquiring a non-compliant property.

At ACR Consulting we are here to accompany you through the various stages and visits.

This assistance to individuals, professionals and syndicates of co-owners or syndic of co-ownerships.

Survey and verification TMA (Modifying Works Purchasers)

Requests for Buyer Modifications are made by the buyer to the developer or builder.

TMA’s can concern a new house or a flat and this allows the buyer to have a personalised property (e.g.: moving or creating electrical sockets, switches or lighting, moving or deleting partitions, modifying sanitary equipment, deleting or adding storage space, modifying the choice of paint, parquet, tiles, modifying the type of opening of the joinery, etc.)

Our teams study the list and the TMA amendment plan in advance and check that they have been carried out in accordance with what you have signed.

The bulkhead visit

Partition visits are important as this is the first visit to your future property. It allows you to see the volumes and thus to project yourself more easily. This is an opportunity to take measurements of your kitchen and have your future property inspected by our teams who will write a report including any comments to pass on to the developer or builder.

In this way, you avoid any risk of non-conformity or defects, which are difficult to detect by eye when buying new. If you have made a request for a TMA, our teams will study the list and the TMA amendment plan beforehand to check whether the desired changes to the plan have been made during the partition visit.

accompagnement vefa / ccmi

The pre-delivery visit

The pre-delivery visit is the appointment that precedes the final delivery. This step, which will take place by appointment arranged by the developer approximately one month before the reception, is very important. During this visit, our teams will check the conformity of the property and will draw up a report containing any remarks to be passed on to the developer or builder.

If you have applied for a TMA, the pre-delivery visit is the time to check that your requests for choice of materials and fittings have been taken into account.

Delivery / acceptance with removal of reservations

Delivery / acceptance implies the completion of the work on your home. It assumes that the various works and equipment essential to the use of the dwelling have been carried out. Our teams check that all the elements notified on the report drawn up at the time of the reservations, during pre-delivery, have been brought up to standard and are in conformity with the descriptive notice that you have signed.

Assistance with the completion guarantee

Once your home has been delivered, you can report various problems that may affect your property during the year of perfect completion. This guarantee requires the company that carried out the work to repair all reported defects within one year of acceptance of the work.

To this end, we can help you draft a letter to express additional reservations within the legal time limit of one month following delivery of your property by the promoter, or we can help you draft a letter to report new problems within the framework of the guarantee of perfect completion or within the framework of the two-year guarantee.

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Partition visit + Checking compliance of TMA requests